The Rising Seas Wetsuit (video)


This is a fascinating product from @vissla and @surfirder that sadly makes complete sense. As the ocean becomes more polluted, those of us that love SCUBA, surfing, etc will need to protect ourselves. Surfing particularly is known for some pretty serious illnesses depending on where you surf. 

Obviously, it’s not just the ocean. In Colorado we’ve seen the rise of the “blue cloud”. Ozone. This is a dangerous gas and makes exercising outdoors a challenge. As of August 20th, Denver had our 30th Ozone Action Alert. Sometime in 2018, after feeling the effects during a long ride, I started to search for a anti-pollution mask that filtered out ozone. To date, this is the closest I’ve found and ordered it earlier today. (I didn’t find any that filtered out ozone.)


By Michael Myers