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He was in a client meeting. As the client talked about their vision of the company and the importance of their project, he drew some structured yet seemingly random lines and shapes on the corner of his note pad. He was, in fact, paying attention but found that because of his “insane” ADD, it helped him focus. The client (who also happened to be a rather successful artist) noticed the work...

The passing of Steve Jobs


Tonight I was at the movies with my kids. We were seeing Kung Fu Panda 2 – again – and my wife texted me that Steve Jobs had passed away. I was in complete shock. We all knew he’d been sick for many years but you just don’t think it will happen. Today. And it did. My mother bought our first Mac in 1986. It was a Mac Plus and I still have it in the basement. (I may have to...

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I recently read the article in BusinessWeek entitled Why They Can’t Be Friends with Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt on the cover. Sadly Bill Gates was left off the cover and for the most part is an afterthought when it comes to the web and mobile space. (That “Bing thing” may be worth talking about eventually, with its business focus vs academic focus, but I’ll save that for...