Amazon watches eBay go after hyper-local market. What about Google and Facebook?


eBay has recently made some interesting acquisitions that I’m sure has someone at Amazon paying a little closer attention. For those that have not used eBay (yes there are some)  it’s more than an auction site. It’s an ecommerce site and with the ability to ‘Buy it Now’. I’d never purchased anything from eBay until recently. Pretty easy experience and not...

Foursquare + Redlaser saved Joe Mescher $25 at Best Buy


I was recently doing some research online and came across a great post by Joe Mescher who shows a great example of yet another type fo social commerce. I’ve already posted about the two types of social commerce, but love this example. @joemescher was kind enough to let me put his post on my site. Check out his site when you get a chance. And now for the story . . . Anyone who needs a good...

Retail 2.0 (cont’d)


When I posted about the immediate future of retail (and how retailers need to empower employees) , I focused primarily on the impact that the mobile, social consumer would have on brick and mortar businesses. After getting back from the Shop.org conference I realized that retailers are going to need to empower their employees with the same devices that customers have, only with a focus on the...