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Get ready for Amazon Stores


With the rise of mobile powered commerce, brick and mortar stores now have a distinct advantage. When I say mobile powered commerce I mean. Mobile commerce – $4 billion for eBay this year Mobile transactions – buying something in the store with your mobile phone. Square or Google Wallet are great examples Social Commerce – Click here for an organic example Location-based...

What Zappos can teach us about mobile commerce


When I first heard of Zappos, I thought “No way! Buy Shoes online . . . How do I know how they fit?!?!? That will never work.” Well, after an $1.2 billion acquisition, I stand corrected; in my shoes that I did NOT purchase from Zappos. Turns out, people were willing to buy shoes online. A lot of people. As a matter of fact, I recently asked my class and another I was guest lecturing...