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Brand depth and the iPad


For years now I’ve been running around using the term brand depth hoping it would catch on and I’d be given credit! When I use the term in meetings, I always get one old schooler that leans forward and asks me; “You mean brand equity, don’t you?” Nope. The concept is really easy with the goal being to have as deep a relationship with your customers as you can. (I...

Ignore at Your Own Risk


I saw Guy Kawasaki Tweet about an article entitled Should brands ignore social media criticism?, and I had to read/respond. Overall it’s a good article and worth reading. One highlight from the post: But what if some brands are paying too much attention to social media? Is it possible that the most vocal on Facebook and Twitter and in the blogosphere not only don’t represent the...

Communities Build Brand Depth


By now we all know that as businesses, we don’t own our brand quite the way we used to. (Actually we never did it just wasn’t as easy to spread the word about brands as it is today via the internet.) We also know that if you aren’t participating in the conversation then you’re losing out on an opportunity to build brand equity through transparency. The question becomes;...