Snow Leopards with Smaller Feet


Way back in June Apple announced that the new OS was going to be known as Snow Leopard and that the primary focus was going to be a smaller foot print. Many have speculated that this is for a PDA (aka Newton round two) or a tablet. The existence of the Mac Air leads me to believe that a tablet is not the end goal and the fact that you can get many PDA-like apps for the iPhone, makes me believe its not a PDA either.

Way back in April I posted about the future of the mobile Internet and I’m convinced that Apple is going to use Snow Leopard’s smaller foot print to make an ‘iBox”; they’re going to put your computer in your hand. You will be able to sync it with your screen at home, at work or in your car. Not sure when this will happen but I hope it happens soon. I want one!

By Michael Myers