The Mobile Internet


I was talking with a friend of mine about the MacBook Air and how amazing it is. Mobile MouseWe collectively wondered how thin a laptop could get before we, as tactile people, could not deal with it. (This is one of the reasons I prefer the Helio Ocean over the iPhone.) I have also been thinking of the mobile phone as the second screen for the internet and how we as marketers are going to get around the limited screen size. (Truth is, we may not have to since LBS and mobile internet behavior is so different, but let’s just play along for now.)

An OLED will be used to expand the screen size of a mobile phone and there are a few prototypes but still they have limited screen real estate. The new Sony OLED TVs are amazing and I can’t wait to get one. (The OLED lifespan issue seems to have been resolved by Toshiba and Matsushita.)

I think I finally came up with an answer as to what a fully mobile (and flexible) internet connection would look like in the not to distant future. No it won’t be a super thin laptop. It will simply be an OLED screen with a frame. Where will the CPU, keyboard, hard drive and mouse be?

You guessed it.

It will be your mobile phone. Your phone already contains all the technology a PC does and can connect to the internet seamlessly. It has a QWERTY keyboard and is about the size of a mouse. If mobile companies built an optical mouse into your phone you could simply put your phone on the table and use it to navigate. The OLED screen would need to have a receiver for the mobile video signal and these screens are great because they are durable and scratch resistant. It would be pretty easy to set up multiple screens as well. I want four.

In other words you would be walking around with your computer in your pocket and be able to sink with a screen of any size. When you’re on the go, it would be your 11 x 17 OLED screen (or the screen built into the phone) and when you were at home it would be the 60 inch OLED on the wall. Of course you could have the option to use a full size keyboard or voice recognition by SpinVox (via your ear piece) if you did not want to use your QWERTY keyboard.

Would people give up there laptop? Of course they would. They have already given up their towers. A person could pull out their OLED screen and the flexible/rigid frame and set it up.

Now if we could just get a mobile phone battery to last longer than 2 hours we would be set. I guess you could just plug the phone in but I just got used to my wireless mouse! The next thing(s) I want mobile phone makers to turn my phone into are garage door opener, car alarm, remote control, ID, credit card, quality camera, HD recorder and a music player. Oh . . . and . . . a phone would be nice.

By Michael Myers