Random thoughts on the iPad part 2


I’ve been having conversations with the technical people I work with and how the iPad is going to fail. They site, the lack of multi-tasking, etc . .  blah . . . blah blah. The fact is, it is going to succeed and in a very big way. How do I know this? Do I have a time machine? (It’s broken at the moment.) How can I be so sure?

I know this because, when I see some 13 year old girl lugging around an HP, so she can watch videos or surf the web, I see overkill. She doesn’t use Outlook or Excel and it will be quite some time before she does; if she’s lucky! What she does do is what Jobs listed in his presentation which falls under the category of entertainment; video, photos, music, games, reading eBooks and surfing the web which is now apparently a form of entertainment. (Another interesting perceptual shift.)

The point is this device is an answer to an unmet market demand. The demands of the casual computer user. I’m not one but my 5 year old is. This device is a lifestyle device and will be wildly successful. (Remember, I’m not a Mac fanatic. Simply someone who enjoys quality experiences/products.) I’ll be getting one as soon as I can and my wife and daughter will be using it relentlessly!

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