Ode to the stoplight


Just in case you were confused. I did not misspell s p o t l i g h t.

We’re all pressed for time these days. I can honestly say that the only real downtime I get now is sleep. Just about every other moment in my life is filled with something to do. Family! Something to work on. Something to read. Something to take a picture of. Something to share. Something to write. Because of this, I’ve  come to think of my car as a digital sanctuary over the last five years. Specifically the stoplight. The stoplight gives you time to get the most done. So much so that I find myself wishing the light was longer. This can’t be a good thing . . .

This is how I use those pockets of time

  • Check email – This was the “gateway drug” back in the day when I had my Blackberry. Still do it but messages/replies are brief.
  • Check-in on 4sq – “I was just there and forgot to to check-in!” This becomes less of an issue as I try to actually add content (images, comments, tips) to my check-ins.
  • Texts – Just for the record: I don’t do this while driving. (No really.) This is usually to verify a grocery list or to catch up with someone. For the long ones, I use Dragon Dictation for the longer texts.
  • Check for app updates – This is one of the geekiest things I do (which is an increasingly long list) and I love downloading app updates while on the road.
  • Phone calls – I actually do this the entire time I’m in the car and I only use headphones. I would NEVER hold a phone to my head. Blocks my vision and it can’t be good for your head.

I’m hoping this behavior doesn’t evolve into full content creation using Ptch! Wait. That’s a great idea!

By Michael Myers