My Search Assistant


I have been looking through the metrics for this site in Google Analytics and I’m seeing some worrisome things in regards to the amount of time spent on the site when someone arrives via specific searches. For example, when someone searched for the Bellandi Group and ended up at my site. They stayed less than one second. Put simply, this is not a good thing. (The Bellandi Group is in the accordion on the right hand side of this site under the partners section.) They are a lead generation group that uses email and very clean opt-in lists. The good news is that my site came up (page two of the search results) when someone searched on Bellandi group. The bad news is that when that person got to the site they were unable to find what they were looking for because it is “contained” within the site but not presented front and center. I experience this all the time on other sites and like others, I’m not likely to dig for what I was just searching for. If I don’t see it, it does not exist.

I’m unaware of a technology or tool that brings the specific item you’re looking for to your attention. If one exists please let me know. If not, there needs to be. This search assistant could be branded to the site and would highlight the item the user was searching for. For example:

Search Assistant

Now we just need someone to create it.

By Michael Myers