Mobile Security


biometric thumb scanI have been keeping a list of what functions I want on my cell phone in the very near future. The list as of today is:

garage door opener, car alarm, remote control, drivers license, credit card, quality camera, HD recorder, audio recorder, watch, geo-targeting tool, MP3 player; with wireless headphones, alarm clock, organizer, mouse/computer and a phone. All of this with a full QWERTY keyboard and a 16×9 ratio screen.

Many of the things on the list beg the question of security. I really don’t want anyone walking around with my cell charging things to my account or stealing my car. I also happen to have recently received a new IBM ThinkPad with the fingerprint scanner which I’m finding is a very handy thing and would be even more essential on a cell phone.

I then wondered if anyone had out a put a fingerprint scanner in a cell phone; yet. And of course, they have. The Toshiba G900

This little bit of technology could really make the cell phone a tool. I looked around online and have seen that this technology has been threatening to come to the US for many years. Not sure what the hold up is but I will be the first in line to pick one up.


By Michael Myers