Location: the essential element in your personal brand


Denver ColoradoLast week I was lecturing to my class on the importance of personal brands in the digital age. This is a lecture I’ve given numerous times before, with an emphasis on transparency and passion.

  • Let them know who you really are without getting too personal
  • Passion is what gets work done

I had them look themselves up on LinkedIn (after Googling themselves) to see if there were any issues that they saw. I had them search for me. Time and time again I heard, “I can’t find you”. To which I would reply, “Did you search for Michael Myers Denver?”. (11 of us in the Mile High City!)

I’ve posted on location being essential to almost everything you do as a business and this is no less important when developing a personal brand. After all; you are somewhere. And that somewhere becomes and essential part of your brand. Below are some recommendations for baking location into your personal brand.

  1. Join groups on LinkedIn that focus on your city/state. (Don’t be afraid to join international groups also)
  2. Specify a location on Quora. (Not on Quora? Join now and be the SME!)
  3. All profiles should feature your location (Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, Instagram, etc)
  4. Feature details about your local business ecosystem when you create content

Even if you do business internationally, it’s important to associate yourself with a location/culture. Some will say that they don’t want people to judge them based on where they live. <insert Akron Ohio joke here> This is a good point but do you want to be working with someone that thinks that way?

By Michael Myers