A different kind of Facial Recognition (video)


This is a fascinating video about how quickly we subconsciously judge people based on their looks.  This is most likely an evolutionary development and it means that you can’t trust your gut. Your brain does this to reduce cognitive load by classifying someone one way or the other but the implications are numerous.

Hiring – Hiring is always a crap shoot and in fact, I’m always amazed at how many businesses actually still do it. I always recommend brining someone on for 3 – 6 months so every one can see how they work together. TANGENT! Sorry. I agree with what they mentioned in this video. Phone interview the first two times and then a face-to-face. That said, this can easily work the other way. If you’re hiring for a product manager or a marketer, having a trustworthy face will come in handy when trying to get buy-in for a new strategy.

Personal Brand – What are you going to do if you have that face that just can’t be trusted? (At least initially.) You’re going to need to create content that shows you understand your industry and your role in it. This along with adding value, will help you get there. Should you stay away from video content? I would do some tests to see if it’s effective. Some people are better “in motion” . . .

“Face of the Business” – In my opinion Travis Kalanick looks “okay” but based on this video and my inability to see the whites of Travis’s eyes; maybe not. We all now know exactly what he is but when you’re the face of the business, it may be wise to have Alexander Todorov run you through his process to see “how you score”. I wonder how Elon Musk’s face would rate?


By Michael Myers