ITEC 4700: Class 8 – Cluetrain Manifesto


Thursday night we talked about the iPad and whether there was a market for such a device. We then had a team present The Cluetrain Manifesto. They talked about communicating in a transparent & active voice online. I love the 12 step program according to the Cluetrain authors:

  1. Relax
  2. Have a sense of humor
  3. Find your own voice and use it
  4. Tell the truth
  5. Don’t panic
  6. Enjoy yourself
  7. Be brave
  8. Be curious
  9. Play more
  10. Listen up
  11. Rap on

We were collectively surprised at how well the book has held up as it was written pre-blog. The authors pretty much nailed it. The presentation also featured the awe inspiring Three Wolf Moon Shirt phenomenon (user generated video below) with over 1,600 comments and some amazing user photos. Funny stuff. We then wrapped up by viewing Jeremiah Owyang’s 5 era of social networking.

Next class we’ll get to Facebook.

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