Irony is a Dish Best Served Timely


Just read on CNN that the one millionth word to the English language has been added. The word is (drum roll please); “Web 2.0” which sounds an awful lot like a term instead of a word, but what do I know. Why is this ironical? Because Web 2.0 is dead. TechCrunch posted a while ago about this back in February, using search terms as the basis for their argument. (ReadWriteWeb in fit of “one-upmanship” took a preemptive strike and declared it dead back in 2005!) My argument (if in fact I’m making one) is much more simple. People’s social behavior online and the technology that supports are now simply a part of the Internet. If you think of the online world as a landscape, social media has added some very interesting topologies.

Point is; now Web 2.0 can be thought of as just another element of the web. (Albeit and exciting transformative one.)

So what will Web 3.o be about? Convergence? Already happening. Cloud Services? Happening. Location based Internet services. Happening (Brightkite). Maybe the Semantic web?

Kevin Kelly shares his vision of what Web 3.0 will be about in this video. (I wonder if Web 3.0 will be added to the dictionary.)  Enjoy!

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