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ITEC 4700: Class 17 – Web 3.0


Last night we reviewed the concept of Web 3.0. It’s the end of the quarter so I let some videos do the talking. Before we watched the videos below I had the students fill out the course evaluation online. This is an interesting feeling. You feel like your future is in their hands as much they feel with it with their grades. I vaguely remember this from when I attended. Strange feeling all...

Irony is a Dish Best Served Timely


Just read on CNN that the one millionth word to the English language has been added. The word is (drum roll please); “Web 2.0” which sounds an awful lot like a term instead of a word, but what do I know. Why is this ironical? Because Web 2.0 is dead. TechCrunch posted a while ago about this back in February, using search terms as the basis for their argument. (ReadWriteWeb in fit of...