For sales: Twitter is networking, blogging is the follow-up call


I had yet another conversation that started with, “I don’t get Twitter”. Fortunately (for me) the conversation ended with an, “Oh. I get it.”

The analogy I used for this person (who’s in sales: aren’t we all?) is that it is best to think of Twitter as networking, except that it’s a one to many model. By Tweeting about what your business is doing for your customers, potential customers can get a feeling for what you do and more importantly, how you do it. Now with real-time search happening on Google there are more and more chances that your tweets can be found. This could/should change your Twitter strategy.

Blogging on the other hand is the follow-up call. The primary exception is that it’s on the potential customers terms. Like shopping for a car on Sunday. (No sales person yacking at you.) The goal of these two tools together is to drive qualified leads. Twitter to get to know you. Blogging collect more details.

Try this explanation out the next time you’re talking with a sales person. Worked for me.

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