EpicMix needs to add these features


Last year I got the EpicMix app and I’ve been  out with it this year. (For a video outlining the service, click here.) I really enjoy tracking the my vertical feet but believe the app needs to add some features to really get me hooked.

User generated photos – Currently you have to have a employee of the resort add a picture to your profile. Which means you have to stop, talk to them and then have them take your picture. Too much hassle, unless you have friends in from out of town and don’t mind posing. You should be able to add images and video that you’ve taken, to the app. This would create a robust profile online and make the app more content rich. It would also make sharing content via the app on Twitter/Facebook more personal.

Select soundtracks for runs – I’d like the EpicMix app, using GPS, to play specific songs when on certain runs. I’ve been boarding for about 20 years and pretty quickly realized that runs have their own flavor. Invariably, most times that flavor goes well with a song. You could also program it to play certain (slower) songs when you’re on the lift and then something like Phoenix by The Cult as you’re flying down Jack Whacker. Good times!

Note: I would also recommend changing the look of the pins. The icons themselves are “okay” but the overall look doesn’t work. I think they need more negative space. In fact it looks like the pins and the branding of EpicMix was done by two separate people.


By Michael Myers