Apple. Please add these functions to the iPhone camera.


I use the camera on my iPhone much more than I ever expected. I use it to shoot pictures/video of my kids. To take pictures for Instagram & Path (as of late) and to coordinate in-store purchases with my wife. It has become an indispensable tool. That said, nothing is perfect and I’d like to recommend some additional functionality for the iPhone

Higher pixel – I had to buy another 12 megapixel camera for “family use” because apparently seeing every wrinkle in the corner of my eyes in Christmas photos is required. Please go to 12 and you can stop there. I hope . . .

Scan QR codes & Barcodes – People are still confused by downloading app to scan barcodes and QR codes and NFC is a ways away. If you’d like to spend some of your $97 billion wisely, you should buy Optiscan and then pump their functionality into your camera as a scanning option.

Dump photos into any apps – I love the fact that I can Tweet an image directly but there are other apps out there. You should allow me to enable links to photo-based apps that are on my phone. (You could do this under general settings.)

By Michael Myers