No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Ptch has been swallowed whole! (video)


Yahoo bought them! They are one of the many cool little companies Yahoo has acquired over the past year.  Below is a list of some of them and you definitely get a feeling that Marissa had many to-do’s on her list. Stamped Summly Tumblr (not so little) Evntlive Rockmelt IQ Engine Imgur (maybe) “What was Ptch?”, you may ask. If Instagram allowed you to create vignettes with...

Apple’s Christmas commercial (video)


I’m not much of a fan of TV commercials, probably because I don’t see them very often. #killYourTV But this commercial is pretty amazing. Not because it’s a tear jerker but because it speaks to a new behavior set that marketing companies like Chute are plugged into. People now have these amazing media tools in their hand – which they have had for a number of years –...

Your personal brand and the spectrum of suck


I draw this diagram in class every time I review the concept of personal brands. I also say something like this: On the left you have companies that aren’t much fun to work for. Think cube farm of death. They may be able to pay your bills but the day-to-day is a grind. They’re companies that suck. On the right you have the companies you really want to work for. If you’re...



I recently received an update on the Big Boulder Initiative from Gnip. (More info here.) There were three things in update that really interested me. 1) Privacy – what is it and how can it be provided,  2) ROI – because we all hate wasting money and 3) Education – I love to teach. The biggest potential to derail social data and it’s application in making businesses...

Foursquare’s site traffic is pretty high! (graph)


  This is a graph from @compete that shows Foursquare’s website traffic. Foursquare’s an app isn’t it? (One that I love by the way.) 2.6 million uniques is quite amazing! I’ve been watching the site traffic for over a year and it continues to increase overall. To me this indicates that people are now using foursquare on the web to find places worth visiting. In my...

I'm an Associate Teaching Professor of Digital Marketing at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver. I also consult with startups and established brands. I'm currently focused on artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience and culture. I am married to an amazing woman and have two incredible children. I was raised in Colorado and spend my free time with family, biking, snowboarding and going to the Pacific Ocean to SCUBA dive and/or surf. I'm passionate about architecture, design, street art, photography and the art that tattooing has evolved into.