Talking with Twalkin


This morning I had a chance to try out Twalkin. I know. I know. Another Twitter app with a goofy ‘tw’ name but this is yet another way people can use Twitter to network and organize. The focus, as you may have guessed is enabling Twitter users to connect on the phone. It has a slight social feel as you can leave the call open for anyone to join in.

My friend Jason Markow found this after a conversation about wanting to be able to talk more with like-minded people. We’re considering a conference call/powwow to essentially talk about the things we are most passionate about; social media, mobile, entrepreneurship, etc.

This little tool was fun in the sense that it got out of my way to let me do what I needed to. Jason and I ended up using our iPhone apps for the actual call (the site needs to handle telephony) and when I logged into the conference call the mechanized voice sounded less than machine and announced the title of the conference, which I had aptly named “Jason & Mike test some s**t”.

I can see this becoming a true tool as Twitter continues it’s march towards world domination. Below is a video highlighting the tool.

Here are some other titles I considered using for this post:

  • Twalkin in a winter wonder land
  • Whatchoo Twalkin bout Willis?!?!?
  • Rock’n and Twalkin with Dokken!
  • My conversation with Christopher Twalkin

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