Speaking Freely with SpinVox


“I recently posted about the potential future of the mobile internet and offered up an option that could resolve the issue of screen real estate. Had briefly touched on the solution for what’s some perceive as the other issue, data entry. It’s hard for some to type on a pretty keyboard and harder for those of us that need tact had a refill want to be cool and have a I phone. The...

Ooma + Fuser + iPhone + SpinVox + meebo


We have recently done a small piece of work for a company called Ooma. (I have had them in the top right hand corner of my site as a featured product for the past month.) They are purported to be the Vonage killer (if Vonage doesn’t implode first) and the VoIP space has recently become smaller with the demise of SunRocket. The Ooma product is inherently viral which is to say that the...