onforty launches SocialBase (video)


Recently Twitter “encouraged” developers to stop developing new Twitter clients and instead focus on publisher tools, curation of content, realtime data signals for ranking and ad targeting such as Klout. This was apart of Dick Costolo’s, Twitter’s “newish” CEO, plan to turn Twitter into a profitable company. Up until now, Twitter was basically a huge platform...

Web 2.0 for the CIO (part 1)


I was recently invited to guest lecture by Professor McCubbrey of the Daniels Information Technology and eCommerce department about the implications Web 2.0 has for CIOs. I put together a list of topics that I feel most CIOs (B2B vs. B2C/ product vs. service) need to consider when developing technology/business strategies. The outline for the lecture was as follows: Deep Relationships Twitter...

ITEC-4700: Class 7 – Twitter


Twitter! Last night we focused soley on Twitter. Arguably Twitter could be the focus of several classes but hard to do with 10 weeks. We talked briefly about the history of the business and how SXSW 2007 was the tipping point for Twitter. We also discussed how the technology/business was briefly called twitch (as in that is what you did when your mobile device went off.) I like it in only that...