25% of US Internet users are mobile-only . . . no really


At first, this stat makes one pause. And then rabidly deny it. But . . . when you think about smartphone adoption and the differences in how people define “Internet usage”. It’s completely plausible. I have several family members that have told me that email usage only is Internet usage. Uh. . . . Ok. It’s easy to imagine a large number of people who don’t have...

Open Letter to Sir Richard Branson


Dear Sir Richard Branson, I recently had the good fortune of flying on Virgin America and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The airplane was clean and the lighting was cool and I loved the in-flight entertainment system. I loved it because I and an associate of mine, Jody Heyroth, thought it up five years ago. Our incarnation was called Cockpit6 and it had many of the same features...