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The death of the long tail and it’s impact on discoverablity (infographic)


If you don’t know what the long tail is it would be good to read this book. The book written by @chr1sa outlines several important things but has a tremendous impact on Google’s search. ~1/3rd of searches on Google are terms that had never been seen before. The last section of the long tail generates a significant amount of revenue for Rhapsody. 30% if memory serves. Needless to say...

Does the Long Tail Apply to the iPhone App Store?


Read this article the other day about the realities of making money with iPhone applications after reading this one about a developer making tons of dough. The truth is that most don’t make much money and the question that I have, is whether or not, Chris Anderson’s theory of the long tail will be applicable to the iPhone (or Android, Blackberry, Nokia) app store? Anderson’s...