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Icelantic Skis 2012/2013 season preview


I had one of Icelantic’s first employees in my social marketing class three years ago! I’ve posted about them in the past and they’ve really taken off! Love the people there and love the brand. Almost makes me want to ski! (But that ain’t happening!) Enjoy!

Going mobile with Icelantic skis


It’s been a couple months since I posted about one of my new favorite companies (even though their skiers), Icelantic. The person responsible for their social strategy is currently in the class I’m teaching and he’s done an amazing job organizing their social effort. I wanted to take some time and explore additional things Icelantic could do to help deepen their brand. Most of...

Icelantic, the social ski


So I’m in the line at Wahoo’s waiting to order a shrimp enchiladas and I see an ad for Icelantic skis.  The artwork adorning the top of the skis was so striking I mentioned it to my wife and told her that I wished they sold snowboards. Fast forward 2 months to my first class. The students are going around the room talking about what they do and Chris Blackett tells us that he works for a...