Information Technology Strategy: Class 9.5! – Digital Rights Management


That’s right . . . 9.5. Don’t ask . . . We had Daniel Staley and Kendall Gracey in today to talk about digital rights management (DRM) and how the Internet has impacted it copyright law and what the future may hold. (Students were asked to talk watch This is what I learned today and forgive my note-taking abilities. This post is a bit schizophrenic. For years people have been copying...

What Should I Call My Music?


The last CD I bought was Wolfmother’s debut in 06. The last album I bought was Jane’s Addiction’s Nothing’s Shocking in 1989; just to have it on vinyl. My question is; what would I be buying now? This question makes me feel old. It’s not a CD. Is it an album? It’s a download but I could get it on vinyl. The death of the music industry in its current...

Will Advertising Kill DRM?


On November 15th, Ethan Smith of the Wall Street Journal authored an article describing the latest business model created to combat the troubled music industry. The new company, aptly named Recrd Lbl (Record Label) utilizes advertising to generate revenue enabling users to download the artist’s music for free (much like Spiral Frog). The company is a joint venture between Peter Rojas and...