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Use Foursquare to sell products even if you don’t have brick and mortar locations


I’ve posted about brick and mortar businesses having the upper hand when it comes to mobile marketing. One aspect of this lies in Foursquare, Facebook Places, Google Places and Yelp offering more ways for those businesses to be found and connect with potential customers. But what do you do if you sell a product (or service) and don’t have your own location? The short answer is...

Brick & mortar businesses now have the advantage


Back in the day, online businesses claimed they had a strategic advantage over brick & mortar businesses because of the reduction in overhead and their ability to sell to anyone in the world. Think Amazon. With the rise of location based marketing, brick and mortar may now have the upper hand. As of today, unless it’s a brand you love, search is the key to ecommerce. You look. You find...