Put it in your Pocket!


I left Instapaper.

Someone showed me Pocket and I left faster than you can say, I’ve got a Wocket in my pocket. Why did I leave Instapaper so readily? Three reasons:

  • I can search for content (web-based) that I’ve saved
  • I can add tags to the the pages I save, when I save them
  • The Pocket interface is easy to use and much more visual

Instapaper doesn’t do/have either of these things. I can also tie my Flipboard account and Safari browser on my iPhone to my Pocket account. By now you may be asking yourself how hard it is to move your links over from Instapaper to Pocket and I’m happy to tell you that it’s dead simple.

  1. Export your Instapaper links: EXPORT CSV (bottom right hand corner), Download HTML file
  2. Create a Pocket account
  3. Import your Instapaper links
  4. Review all the other mediums Pocket is on

That’s it. I’m sure longterm Pocket will become more social like the Instapaper app and they’ll potentially make recommendations like StumbleUpon. For now; it’s exactly what I need.

By Michael Myers