Product Idea: TravelBot


The benefit that artificial intelligence brings is access to a ton of real-time data to enable decisions. Imagine a travel agent that’s connected to all airlines, weather, travel packages, local reviews, your accommodation preferences, your calendar and your food preferences. Introducing TravelBot!

Primary Use Case

  1. You give TravelBot (T_Bot)  access to your Pinterest account and then exclude specific boards. (Not much craft beer in Cambodia.)
  2. It then asks you what your budget is.
  3. You specify an amount and tell the T_Bot to ‘Fetch’.
  4. T_Bot reviews your travel boards – Ankor Wat, Tokyo and Maui – and figures out exactly where those images were taken. It then looks at travel packages that meet your vacation days and brings back an itinerary matching your budget within seconds. T_Bot then asks for access to your social media so it can recommend activities while you’re there. (You could also do this manually but you’re on the train and don’t have the time.)
  5. You give T_Bot access and it fills your days (visual timeline) with activities based on what you like to do, availability of offerings, ratings of offerings . . . avoiding any potential weather-related issues.
  6. This visual timeline, gives you a sense of what you’d be doing each day and you remove a couple of items and ask T_Bot how much an upgrade on the flight would cost. T_Bot checks your available miles and let’s you know how much business class will cost.
  7. You share this timeline with your partner and they give T_Bot access to their accounts and match up the activities. (You’ll be doing some activities alone, since your partner isn’t interested. T_Bot recommends other activities for just them during those times, checking for safety, ratings, etc.)
  8. T_Bot recommends places to eat in each country and asks you if you’d like to have your luggage delivered.
  9. You select certain places/foods you’d like to try and your partner does as well. And yes. You’d like to have your luggage delivered.
  10. Your partner signs off on the trip.
  11. You tell T_Bot to book the trip.

The company that should build this is obviously TripAdvisor.

By Michael Myers