Moderate, in moderation please


So . . . I’m a big fan of Anthony Bourdain and was recently reading one of his posts about the Hudson Valley episode. In the episode (video below) he sits down with one of my other favorite people; Bill Murray. The focus of his post is a funny incident after the cameras were done rolling. It really is worth reading even if you’re not a fan. He’s an excellent writer (and has many books out).  So I decided to weigh-in on the show and add a comment. I said something heinously similar to:

Great show. I think the driving sequence you described with Bill Murrary should be made into an Alternate Reality episode. (Love those.) I also would like to see you make a buddy movie with Hugh Laurie (in character as Dr. House). You could call it Caustic Measures.

As for taking the little girls father; sleep with the lights on. Angry little girls can be dangerous. I know. I married one!

That last sentence was a joke. (Sorry honey.)

That’s pretty much it. For some reason the comment was not approved. I actually submitted another comment asking why my last was not allowed. No answer. This type of nonsense should not be allowed and if you’ve ever watched the show you’d know that the comment was right in line with Bourdain’s sense of humor.

Businesses need to be careful when moderating. It threatens transparency since communication is a two way street. Yes the business needs to be honest about the things they can be honest about AND customers (fans) need to be able to participate with their own voice.

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