Just use Google


This post is for all of those businesses whose site search is so bad that you have to leave their site, go to Google, type in your search terms with their business name just to find anything on their site.

Search is such an integral part of our online experience . An essential key to usability. To not get search right is dangerous. Categorically, everyone business that’s not using Google, is “doing it wrong”. Amazon get’s this wrong! There are three reasons you should go buy a Google Search Appliance tomorrow.

  1. People are used to how Google search works. Again, a key to usability. They’ve got plenty of users and have figured out what to return. (As of 2 years ago , 25% of searches performed on Google where searches that they’d never seen before! Point is they’re still working to address all searches.)
  2. Their algorithm is better than yours. No really. It is.
  3. Their developers are really smart AND there are rooms and rooms filled with them!

So dear friends, give in to peer pressure. Everyone’s doing it. Be one of the cool kids! Just use Google.

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