Concerts I’ve been to


Not sure why I chose to share this other than you get real sense of someone when you know what type of music they’re into.  Scorpions / Rainbow / 707 / Reo Speedwagon / Ted Nugent: Sunday Number 1: Folsom Field: 8.21.82 Judas Priest: Defenders of the Faith Tour: McNichols Arena: 7.20.84 Scorpions / Quiet Riot: Blackout Tour: Folsom Field House: 5.23.83 Scorpions : Love at First Sting Tour:...

Empathy for a Monster


My wife and I finally got to see Joker the other night and it was – as billed – UH-MAZING!  I’d seen the initial images of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker months ago and I was skeptical since he didn’t look menacing enough. I’m not sure if I was expecting an attempt to surpass Heath Ledger’s performance, but I wasn’t intimidated by the images. And...

Tool LIVE!


I am so stoked! I got to see Tool for the first time since August 13th, 1998. That’s 7,733 days for those keeping score. It was for their Ænima tour and it was intense. I had seen them the year before on August 25, 1997 for the last “real” Lollapalooza tour. (I actually chose not to see them after the 98 show because I thought there was no way to top that performance. Red Rocks...

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