Lahaina is a ghost town (video)


My family and I love Maui. It’s the first place my kids touched the Pacific Ocean and we’ve spent 10 weeks out of the last 5 years there. It’s our second home. When we go, we spend hours (if not days) in the ocean. We now know the island like the back of our hand and in many ways Maui feels like  Colorado. (Except for all that beautiful salt water. :))  When I say it feels similar, I mean the towns in Maui are similar to towns/cities in Colorado.

  • Paia = Boulder
  • Kihei = Arvada
  • Wailea = Cherry Creek
  • Lahaina = Estes Park

This video shows Lahaina today with COVID-19 and a travel ban in full effect. A travel ban that I hope ends soon.

By Michael Myers