Apple’s Christmas commercial (video)


I’m not much of a fan of TV commercials, probably because I don’t see them very often. #killYourTV But this commercial is pretty amazing. Not because it’s a tear jerker but because it speaks to a new behavior set that marketing companies like Chute are plugged into. People now have these amazing media tools in their hand – which they have had for a number of years – and they’re really starting to figure out all that they can do. (Yep. Texting and Facebooking just isn’t that exciting.)

I refer to people that do this as citizen branders or mobile influencers. They are future content marketers and movie directors. (Think David Fincher and music videos) Their tools are apps like Cinegram, Ptch (till they were acquired by Yahoo), Instagram and Vine. So when your kid has his/her face buried in their phone/tablet, you may end up being surprised by what they’re creating.

By Michael Myers