Anthony Bourdain: Pitch Man?


I’ve been a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain since first discovering his show on the Travel Channel. I’m not a foodie but love his method of cultural discovery through food. Needless to say I was completely shocked when I heard that Bourdain was representing a scotch company. I/we tend to think of spokespeople as tools. After watching the video I quickly realized why he did this.

  • Bourdain is a craftsman. He said it himself, although I can’t remember which episode of No Reservations it was. He has never thought of himself as a Michelin Stars kind of guy.
  • We are neck deep in the Maker Movement. (Check out the ‘Maker” sessions at SXSW this year.) The artisans, Borough Furnace featured in the video below are a prime examples of makers. Makers are craftsman. People that want to create and aren’t necessarily satisfied with software. They prefer the tangible.

Enjoy the video!

By Michael Myers