Usability on the Touchweb


I’ve been working on redesigning my site, starting with the mobile aspect first and it’s an interesting exercise to go through. The first thing I considered was how navigation works. When I use my iPhone, I don’t necessarily want to use two hands to navigate. I usually have it in my right hand and use my thumb to navigate; turning it horizontally for data entry. This means that...

Web 2.0 design and the touchweb


I’ve been singing the praises of usability for many years and with the rise of the touchweb (mobile Internet on smartphones), usability is going to become even more important. For those that don’t know, usability is exactly what it sounds like; can the majority of users, regardless of their level sophistication, use your website/app to do/find what they need? Usability has evolved as...

Simple does not Equal Usable


I posted a short while back about Jakob Neilsen’s site and the question of how usable it is. My argument was simple; the nature of the Internet has changed since Jakob put the site up and the Internet/browser today is closer to an application than a brochure. I received some nice comments and one question via email that contained the following. . . . sites should try to be like Google. Dead...

Is Jakob Nielsen’s Website Usable?


For those of you that don’t know who Jakob Nielsen is, click on this link. For those of you that don’t want to leave the comfort of my site, I will simply say he is one of the founders of web usability. For those of you that don’t know what web usability is, it would suffice to say that it is what Jakob Nielsen does. (I useĀ  this logic on my four year old; drives her nuts.) The...

Usability is Marketing


I met with a potential client last week. He was telling me about their business goals and how they needed their online marketing to increase their revenue over the next two years. We talked about SEO/SEM, social media, preroll advertising and what was going to happen with mobile advertising. He was interested in all of it. I then started to ask about their site and what they felt like the needed...

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