Tim Burton owns Halloween


I’ve been a fan of Tim Burton for many many years. It started when I saw Beetle Juice in 1988 and my appreciation has continued to grow over the years. I haven’t liked some of his movies nor have I seen them all, but as we get closer to Halloween, I’ve been seeing his reruns on TV and realized that he owns Halloween. His movies. The texture of them. His characters embody the “spooky playfulness” of Halloween. He owns Halloween in the same way that Hendrix owns the electric guitar.

Here are some thoughts about his movies including some of my favorite scenes.

Michael Keaton’s performance makes this movie a must see. It was the perfect vehicle for his personality and if you like him this movie, check him out in Night Shift.  “LOVE BROKERS!!” Also, if you click the Beetle Juice movie poster above, it will take you to my favorite scene.

Edward Scissorhands is not a Halloween movie but his main character was definitely inspired by the holiday in question. This movie was released on December 7, 1990 and it’s the portrait (potentially autobiographical) of an artist and his struggle to be a part of the mainstream. In fact, the scariest part of this film is the “mainstream”. Perfect lawns. Cookie cutter homes. Plastic people. Truly terrifying!!

A Nightmare Before Christmas is Burton’s first Halloween movie (October 1993). It’s the story of Jack Skellington and his struggle for creative inspiration. (Again, potentially autobiographical.) He’s bored with the limitations of Halloween and wants to take his skills and apply them to the newly discovered holiday of Christmas. What makes this film amazing – other than being shot in stop motion – are the characters. Jack, Sally and Oogie Boogie are compelling in their own ways. If you click on the movie poster above, you’ll see Oogie Boogie’s performance.

Sleepy Hollow was released in September 2013 and was an instant classic. Christopher Walken plays the headless horsemen and Johnny Depp plays a less than stoic detective sent to solve some murders in a small village. This film has amazing texture and tremendous special effects. It’s a scary movie that older kids will enjoy. Just scary enough . . . Click on the movie poster above.

By Michael Myers