Ramona Pierson at TEDxDU


My wife and I were in awe of Ramona Pierson at the latest TEDxDU. First for her story and then for her contribution to personalizing education. These videos are definitely worth watching.

TEDxDU Review


Just got back from attending my first TED event. For those of you keeping score, TED, which stands for Technology Entertainment and Design, has allowed for others to organize conventions under their brand. There are of course guidelines and I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I did however have moments of; “how does this relate to technology or entertainment or design?”. It definitely...



I have been a fan of TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) since 2006 when I stumbled upon a video of a man talking about the intelligence of Octopi. Wikipedia has more background information than I’m willing to get into for this post and it would suffice to say that TED conferences and their speakers provide profound perspectives. The goal of the organization (my own words) is to...