Niche perspective


I talk quite a bit about targeting niches when it comes to building your business. I’ve also asked the question of whether or not you should market a business if you’re not in the target market. If you find yourself in the midst of marketing to a niche that you don’t belong to you, you’re going to need a trusted “mini-network”. Why more than one person? Because...

Generations of the Niche


I posted in late September (just a few posts down) about the Rugby Tournament in Aspen that I’ve attended for the last 24 years. I mentioned the  need for Generational liaisons as partners to help marketers serve a niche. I wanted to expand on the concept of generations with the context of niche. When I started going to Ruggerfest, Aspen was still a relatively small mountain town in...

The Cultural Needs of the Niche


This past weekend I was in Aspen for the 41st annual Ruggerfest. I’ve been attending this rugby tournament for the past 24 years and recommend it to anyone who has even the smallest interest in Rugby. Rugby is one of the most aggressive niche sports in the world and as with any niche, it has a strong culture. Over the last 24 years I have come to recognize the culture that shapes the game...