Geeks & Hipsters bike tour


For those of you that have been to Europe, you know that the best way to experience the cities is on foot. (Bus tour?!?!?!?) And . . . that can be somewhat limiting when trying to march your carcass across Paris. I’ve been thinking that experiencing European cities may be best on a bike. Not the traditional bike tour, that takes you across the landscape on your shiny Trek Madone but instead...

Fixie micro-niche!


I just finished a excellent book called Fixed: Global Fixed-gear Bike Culture. The writing is style is essentially stream of conscious but the insight is appreciated. The book covers the history of fixed-gear bikes. A fixed gear bike (also called a fixie) is a bike with no brakes and no gears. A single chain ring and you can only go “as fast as you can go”. Pedal backwards and the...