social media venues and when they get used


past-present-futureI attended the annual Big Boulder conference Monday+Tuesday of this week and once again, it was an amazing experience. (I’ll post about the event soon.) One of the people who spoke at the event was Tram Nguyen of Pinterest. She said what most of us already know; many people use Pinterest to plan things. Weddings, meals, etc. They use it as a planning tool for short-term things.

Then Chris Moody, VP of Data Strategy at Twitter mentioned that Tumblr thinks of their users of aspirational. They blog about places they hope to go and things they hope to have. (This may be due to the demographics. Painfully young.)

This got me thinking about how I frame social with my clients/students. Twitter is for what you’re doing now or going to be doing soon. Facebook is for what you have done. This makes for an interesting timeline.

  • Tumblr – The future
  • Pinterest – The immediate future
  • Twitter – Right now/”very soon”
  • Facebook – What you’ve done

Along with figuring out where your customers are, you need to also consider the type of content you create based on these timelines.

By Michael Myers