Snobs rule!


snobFor most, the word snob is derogatory.  Someone who’s palette is so sophisticated they can’t be pleased. Someone who has the highest standards when it comes to experiencing the thing that they love. If you think about this definition, you could also call them geeks. Terms like beer geek, bike geek are common these days. Subject Matter Experts, (SME – pronounced ‘smee’) is yet another term that you can use to define these people. These people are important to your social media marketing effort because they will be the ultimate judge as to whether or not, you are who you claim to be. In other words, if you have lowly interns creating content for your brand, SMEs will see right through you. If you’re really going to utilize community to build your business, you need snobs. Below are some examples, that have been on my mind.

Wine – This an established stronghold of snobbery and over the last 10 years, the entire industry has been in transition. The old guard has been disrupted by numerous global upstarts and there is no sign of returning to the old days. Their snobs are called sommelier.

Beer – Colorado is the number one state in the nation for craft beers with Oregon a close second. This market has exploded with mirco and nano-breweries appearing daily. Their snobs are called Cicerone

Coffee – As Starbucks flows smoothly through many of our veins, coffee snobs have let their presence be felt over the last 15 years. Signs of this growing embrace are evidenced by such things as Kopi Luwak, also known as “cat poop” coffee, which can set you back as much as $80 a cup. (No shit.) Their snobs don’t have a name. Someone needs to unite the clans and give these people a term. (Yes. “Cat-shit crazy “would make sense, but I’m not going there.)

Marijuana – Yes. I’m from Colorado. No. I don’t smoke. Many don’t! AND this is an amazing market, just like beer and coffee. Talking to someone who really knows about marijuana is like talking to someone who really understands beer, but instead of the palette, they are talking about what kind of high you can have. Their snobs also don’t have a name. Pothead is not really a term of geekdom or otherwise. It’s derogatory. Oh wait . . .

By Michael Myers