Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (video)


My kids and I have been going to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado Springs for the past 4 years and I discovered this race when I “bumped into” rallying videos on YouTube. (Rallying is a deep, passionate niche with most fans in Europe.) The race features a diverse array of cars, motorcycles, trucks and quads that race up the mountain at speeds of over 140 miles per hour. The route is 12.42 miles with 156 turns and the race has been around since 1916.

I’ve included 2 videos for your viewing pleasure . . .

The first is Ken Block‘s latest effort to make his mom VERY uncomfortable as he flies up the mountain in one of the sickest modified vehicles I’ve ever seen. Behold! The Hoonicorn a 1400 horsepower 65 Ford Mustang. You can almost smell the burning rubber. No really.

The second video shows Sébastien Loeb fly up Pikes Peak in 2013 for the fastest recorded time ever. His car is an electric, 875 horse power Peugot. The thin air at altitude limits internal combustion engines with atmospheric induction, so electric cars and motorcycles are the future of the race.

Tickets are reasonable and you need to plan in advance where you’d like to stand to see the race. If your not a hardcore fan, you can still attend Fan Fest. It’s awesome.

By Michael Myers