You should stop reading this post right now, go to and buy the latest offer! Or . . . you could check out the community and see if you’ve got what it takes to join meh. (You do.) I personally like the polls section. It’s worth perusing. What exactly is Meh you may ask. That is a very hard question to answer. It’s a daily deal site with a community attached with funnyish videos. It’s a hot mess.  Matt Rutledge started the site after he sold woot. I really appreciate the irreverence and the site changes it’s look and feel every day. Anti-branding!

Two or three internets ago, a few of us opened a weird site selling one thing a day, a bit of a side project for our staid wholesale business. It grew and a community formed around it. Can we turn back the clock and capture past glory or has the world moved on?

I love businesses that don’t take themselves too seriously. I also appreciate the real-time transparency in regards to how products are selling. (Screenshot of the analytics below.) Last but not least, check out ‘We Are Meh’ under the Themes section. Totally danceable!

By Michael Myers