Introducing Amazon AI Services!


This is fake news

Announcing Amazon’s Artificial INtelligence Services!

Less than a year ago, Amazon launched its AI services for developers and we currently have many of the world’s most successful businesses, using our platform.

Today, Amazon is refining their service and making it available to its “front-of-house” customers. Marketers, sales, customer experience managers and product managers to name a few! Announcing Amazon AI services! This amazing new service will help you develop a blue ocean strategy and/or successfully beat your competition while allowing you to reduce overhead. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll provide access to the data via API. You know your business better than anyone and this allows the AI to focus on what’s essential! Our team of experts will help you create the most robust API given your goals.
  2. You’ll tell the AI what question(s) you’re trying to answer. For this we use the natural language engine behind Alexa. The process starts off with Alexa asking you questions about your industry, business goals and industry trends. The process is iterative and ends when you have the answers you need!
  3. The answers to your questions can be provided in a myriad of potential forms
    1. Visual through our partnership with Tableau
    2. Video created by our Amazon content team
    3. Tabular so that you can convey your story, your way
How do you pay for AAIS?

Just like Amazon Web Services, you’ll pay-as-you-go. Each project will be priced based on amount of data to be processed, processing time and complexity of question(s) asked. If you’re currently an AWS member, you’ll get the first 3 months for free and a discounted rate for the first year.

Why let the fortune 500 have all the fun? Compete directly and use AAIS to build your business!

By Michael Myers