Don’t leave your Livr at home (video)


I have a standard joke about leaving your liver at home in a jar on the nightstand if you intend on getting faced – as we used to say. Imagine my surprise when @jaylynstoesz, one of my students, forwarded me this app. Once you get beyond the novelty of this app, it’s actually pretty interesting for several reasons.

Shared experience – Connecting you with other people are having relatively the same experience is a great idea. Imagine if you could connect people on the way to the same concert. People that don’t know each other but may have other things in common.  #discovery

Privacy – The Blackout button is a great way to help people forget some of the things they may have done through the app. I like this also because it addresses our humanity in a way. Everyone makes mistakes and I think one of the things you’ll see a lot of in the future is everyone stop being so damn nice. Where is my Dislike button?!?!?!

Breathalyzer – Using this device as a way to ensure an “authentic” experience is fascinating. Don’t want any posers in our app! Enjoy!

via @jaylynstoesz

Update: This was a hoax! Click here to read the story.

By Michael Myers

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