The death of Flash and the joy that is


No. This is not a DC spoiler. I’m referring to Adobe killing the Flash Player. When Flash was created/released back in 1996, it was like a breath of fresh air. (Just in case you’re not old enough to remember, the internet was REALLY ugly when it first launched.) Businesses could now show their creative side with manageable load times. But businesses quickly abused this newfound tool and soon creatives laughed whenever a client said, “it should have a flash element here”. To the point where one creative built a farce of a website to highlight the cliché foolishness of having Flash animations everywhere.

Behold! (Be sure to have your volume up and click here for a more detailed hisotry.)

Unfortunately, once Adobe pulls the plug, this long standing gem, it will no longer be accessible. So enjoy it and it’s empowering message whilst you can! I truly hope that the owner of converts this to an MP4 so we can live the dream everyday. Fortunately, we have a back – albeit a low-fidelity back up – here. Until then . . . ENJOY!

By Michael Myers