Chamath Palihapitiyaon Money as an Instrument of Change (video)


This is a fascinating interview with @chamath that covers many topics. Below are some highlights with the associated timestamp. (To be clear; it’s worth watching the entire thing. Twice.) This video went viral due to his comments on Facebook’s social engineering but there is much much more. Enjoy!

  •   “Be a good copier” (8:15)
  • “There are 150 people that rule the world” (10:00)
  • “That fail fast approach works for consumer internet businesses. But I don’t think it works for anything that really matters.”  (17:53)
  • “I feel tremendous guilt” (about consumer manipulation at Facebook) (21:21)
  • “How do you not let the power corrupt you?” (40:40)
  • “I think brining liquidity into companies sooner will actually allow companies to bake longer and more patiently” (43:47)
By Michael Myers

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