Behold . . . Beeple! At SxSW


That’s yours truly truly on the right and Mike Winklemann (aka Beeple) on the left. About a year-and a-half-ago, I reached out to Winklemann via his site to see if he’d sell me one of his art pieces. He immediately didn’t respond and then six months later, he sold one his pieces via NFT for $69 million. (I totally would have been able to pay 1/1000000th of that if he’d only asked.) Anyway, fast forward to SxSW this year and who do I spot on the street? None other than, the man, the myth, the legend and a generally nice guy, Mike Winklemann. I’ve only taken 2 selfies in my life. Once on the lift at Keystone when it was negative 20 degrees and the second time was my return to a F2F classroom in the middle of COVID.  I’ve never asked someone famous to take a photo with me and most likely will never do it again. (Feels a little creepy.) But for Beeple, I’ll make an exception! Just thought I would share . . .

By Michael Myers